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Distractions During Prayer and the Place of the Heart

By Hieromonk Fr. Alexis (Trader) Many sincere Christians have experienced distracting thoughts or even bad thoughts during prayer and are naturally distressed when this happens. After all, their intention is to communicate with God, not to talk to themselves about things mundane or even worse!  Some have become so discouraged by such thoughts that they… Continue reading Distractions During Prayer and the Place of the Heart

The Problem of Procrastination

By Fr. Alexis (Trader) In our fast-paced society that prizes productivity and efficiency, procrastination is clearly a problem that can sabotage career and advancement. In a world preoccupied with high stress and low self-esteem, procrastination can be a serious issue contributing to more frequent physical illness as well mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.… Continue reading The Problem of Procrastination


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